Vintage Netscape Navigator 2.0

I'm a Front End Engineer in San Francisco and I enjoy working with Javascript.

Whether working with node.js, THREE.js, React or D3, it is fun to see this formerly derided language rise to mega popularity. I remember downloading Netscape Navigator 2.0 on my 14.4 modem, the first browser to ship with Javascript, and being fascinated by the possibilities of adding dynamic interaction to static html files and images.

Aside from Javascript I've worked up and down the stack using everything from Perl (way back in the day), PHP, Apache, nginx, AWS, mongodb, MySQL, CSS, SASS, and Compass. I'm a big believer in Free Open Source Software and have worked extensively with various Content Management Systems, particularly Drupal. I have also created production pieces with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere and whatever else gets the job done.

Over the years working on the web I've found dev blogs to be extremely helpful in unearthing answers to super specific, super obscure problems which no other resource could help resolve. In that spirit, this blog is meant to give back to the æther and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for devs who've embarked down similar roads.